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Digital Media Industry in Egypt - Doing Business in Egypt

Egypt is the biggest and most key market to target in MENA. Having the highest number of internet users in the district, more than 20 million individuals and more than 200 thousand web hosts, Egypt is a nation that would offer wide access to a broad audience.
Online marketing in Egypt will continue to change in form and principles for many years to come, right along with the consumer.
As you see in the graphic, Egypt noticed the power of digital media and by year customers spend much more money for digital media. This graphic shows us online marketing expenses will be increasing sharply in upcoming years.

This insights show us “Content is a king” in Egypt also. But the most important insight in this graphic is in upcoming years SEO, Adwords and UX sector will be much more popular in Egypt. So if you would like to invest in digital media, we recommend to you to work on this sector.

State of SEO in Egypt:

Egypt comes in second, after Saudi Arabia, in terms of number of search queries in the country. More than three quarters of those searches are in Arabic—followed by English, then French—making Arabic the dominant SEO language by a long shot in Egypt.

State of paid search in Egypt (PPC)

Google AdWords dominates the Egyptian Pay Per Click advertising market, and the potential for online advertising is on the rise. Considering it has over 20 million users, Egypt is the largest online market in MENA. Having said that, with the exception of the travel, electronics and software markets, there is little competition in most other industries, and plenty of room for new comers. Such a combination of a massive audience and little competition makes Egypt an incredibly appealing market for online advertising.
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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Company Formation in Egypt

Company formation in Egypt is much more easier when you compare with another governments. Also there is so many reasons to invest and doing business in Egypt.
Main Reasons Why Egypt is a Desirable Investment Location
  • Steady year-on-year capital appreciation
  • Beautiful, well established tourist hotspots suitable for varied tourist interests, from excellent diving and snorkeling to cultural and historical locations
  • Stunning natural, unspoilt landscapes
  • Steady annual growth in tourist figures
  • No capital gains tax
  • British residents avoid inheritance tax on any property in Egypt
  • Foreign investors are regarded by the government as a big investment opportunity and laws have recently streamlined procedures, making the purchase procedure easy.
Most foreign companies operating in Egypt are joint stock or limited liability companies. There are sole proprietorships (such as restaurants and boutiques), but they are more difficult to establish (due to the numbing amount of permits and paperwork required) and are therefore less common.
Regardless of what type of business you are starting, you will first have to register it with the General Authority for Investment (GAFI). The man GAFI office is located in Nasr City in Cairo, but there are also branches in Ismailia, Assiut and Alexandria. Your lawyer will be able to help you prepare the appropriate paperwork.
There is 4 types of company in Egypt. You can see more details about these types:
The Limited Liability company 
Number of partners: Minimum 2 shareholders (partners)  maximum 50 shareholders
Estimated duration: 14 Days
Capital (max/min): Minimum EGP 50,000, fully paid up front when formed.
Shareholders and liability: Their responsibility is limited to their contribution.
General Partnership company 
Number of partners: Minimum 2 ,Maximum Unlimited number of partners
Estimated duration: 14 Days
Capital (max/min): Minimum EGP 5,000
Shareholders and liability: General partner liability is unlimited.
Joint Stock Company is a public limited company (Incorporated)
Number of partners: Minimum 3 shareholders (partners)
Estimated duration: 14 Days
Capital (max/min): EGP 250,000  of which half is fully paid  when formed. EGP 500,000  in case of initial public offering. (1/4 fully paid up)
Shareholders and liability: Their responsibility is limited to the contribution amount.
Limited Partnership 
Number of partners: One general partner, unlimited number of limited partners
Estimated duration: 14 Days
Capital (max/min): Minimum EGP 5,000
Shareholders and liability: Limited partner liability is limited to the extent of his share
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Monday, September 18, 2017

Fathalla CPA - Doing Business in Egypt – Create a Company in Egypt

Fathalla CPA ( Doing business in Egypt )

Doing Business in Egypt – Create a Company in Egypt
Fathalla CPA – specialist in performing Companies in Egypt , we have super skills to cover you doing a reliable business in Egypt and middle east.
Our clientele are truly international; we work with national and multinational firms from all over the world, for instance, the UK, the Netherlands, Japan, Kuwait, Pakistan and Turkey.

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Sunday, September 10, 2017

Best Time To Invest In Egypt

doing business in Egypt
Doing business in Egypt has so many advantages. Especially nowadays…
Now we can say that this is best time to invest in Egypt.
Here are the main reasons:
Geographically Strategic Location
Egypt's strategic geographical location makes it one of the most advisable countries to invest in, considering that it shares borders with the Gaza Strip and Israel to the northeast, Sudan to the south, and Libya to the West while also having water boundaries along the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea.
On the other hand, the Suez Canal, considered to be the shortest link between the east and the west, is under control of Egypt, which enables the country and consequently the investors to highly benefit from the line of trade in the region.
It is also important to bear in mind that according to official data, approximately 8% of the world's maritime shipping passes through the Suez Canal each year.
A Large and Young Population
With a total population of 93 million, Egypt is the most populous country in the Arab World today. It is also the third most densely populated country in the whole continent of Africa, following Nigeria and Ethiopia.
In Egypt, 56,71% of the total population comprises of young people which is another fundamental aspect that both domestic and international investors place great importance to.
Large Consumer Market
Egypt has become a significantly important consumer market in the MENA (The Middle East and North Africa) region after a great amount of global brands hit Egyptian market. Moreover, there has been a sharp hike in retail sales in the past years, partly due to the big population size supported by the fact that of Egypt in terms of population and partly due to the fact that over 56% of Egyptians are between the age 15 and 44.
Egypt has access to the world's ‘key markets' such as America and European Union countries as well as Middle Eastern and African countries through multilateral and bilateral trade agreements in a wide range of areas, ensuring benefits to Egyptian-based manufacturers.
Low-cost and Qualified Workforce
At about 28 million, Egypt's labor pool is the largest in the region. As the domestic demand for qualified labor force increased more and more in the past years along with the number of educated youth in pursuit of job opportunities, Egypt commenced a national industrial training program provided through world-class universities; completely wiping off the country's reputation as a "regional exporter of skilled labor".
Currently, the minimum wage in Egypt is 1200 EGP and the average monthly salary is about EUR 100.
Developed Infrastructure
Egypt has a world-class transport infrastructure with its ports and airport network, supporting both passenger transport and cargo traffic as well as its well-established railways and roads. The country has 15 commercial ports where export and import operations continue intensively and an Air Cargo Airport with three cargo terminals where textile, vegetable, and many industrial products are traded on a daily basis.
Today, Egypt's road network has reached to 108,784 km, railway network to 9,570 km and the number of the airports to 20.
Abundant in natural resources, Egypt effortlessly meets the needs of agricultural, industrial and mining activities, also providing competitive prices in power, water and gas.
Proximity to Global Markets
Egypt has the ability to access key global markets in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Indian Subcontinent. When compared to other major exporters such as India, China and the Philippines, Egypt's closer location to the European and North American markets provides a significant advantage to the country.
Egypt's location on key international logistics routes, one of them being the Suez Canal, saves in distance, time and operating costs for the vessels transitting through.
Government Policy for Foreign Companies
Egypt's recently adopted economic reform plan with the intention of fiscal sustainability and macroeconomic balance encourages investors by reducing economic risk. The main objectives of this bold and ambitious plan are increasing the tax base, streamlining spending on fuel and electricity subsidies, leveraging capital spending and allocating more resources to public services and social security.
Following the 25th revolution, an intensive three dimensional promotion strategy has been embraced by the Egyptian Government, which is based on business reform, investor care and FDI attraction.
A large number of countries have investment agreements with Egypt including Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, Greece, Sweden, Switzerland, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Finland, Romania, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Japan, China, Sudan and Morocco.
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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

How to Plan Your Investments | Doing business in Egypt

Doing Business in Egypt – Create a Company in Egypt
Fathalla CPA – specialist in performing Companies in Egypt , we have super skills to cover you doing a reliable business in Egypt and middle east. 
Our clientele are truly international; we work with national and multinational firms from all over the world, for instance, the UK, the Netherlands, Japan, Kuwait, Pakistan and Turkey. 

Our Services 
All Tax Services Auditing & Assurance, Accounting & Bookkeeping, Establishing all forms of companies, Legal services, Feasibility Studies, Zakat Services, Establishing financial & accounting system, Training Courses 


Regardless of whether you are an individual or a corporate body preparing is of at generally significance. As arranging your speculations implies arranging your future monetary status and meeting unanticipated effortlessly and certainty it has progressed toward becoming life blood that makes your way of hardships a luxurious situation. Arranging your accounts include arranging your inflows and surges i.e., In short dealing with the whole stream of assets amid a specific course of time.

In this way, it is an unquestionable requirement for anybody to design your ventures well close by so; that your future will be protected and you can experience any issue effortlessly and comfort. A legitimate speculation arranging would make your budgetary trouble additionally an ecstasy as you generally have a surplus hold for various unexpected of life. The explanations behind monetary pain could be innumerable however the survival rate is higher and speedier for the individuals who are fiscally arranged when contrasted with the individuals who are most certainly not. For having a legitimate venture arranging you should take after few however customary strides which will spare you at the eleventh hour. Give us a chance to take a gander at few stages that you should take after to pad yourself monetarily and to get a tag of well speculation organizer.

• The as a matter of first importance venture in speculation arranging is to survey your wage. Asses every one of your inflows, which must incorporate any kind of long haul or yearly money inflows that you are anticipating.

• Once you surveyed your money inflows, the following significant stride is to set an objective that could be a particular angle that you might want to accomplish with the cash you will spare from this year onwards.

• Once you put forward your objectives and survey your inflows the subsequent stage is to design your reserve funds. The other way arranging your speculations. To design your speculations well you should comprehend what your hazard coefficient is and how much benefits you need to make out of your little ventures. To know this you should take a gander at assortment of budgetary and statistic and financial variables that influence you and your family's way of life.

• Once you are finished with the appraisal of your hazard coefficients and return desires the following huge jump is to set a speculation technique. Under this, you will pick among various speculation choices that are accessible to you in light of your hazard and overall revenues.

• Once you pick a bushel of speculation choices, run with the ones that are advantageous for you as far as time skyline, development period and profit edges thus for. Having a reasonable venture procedure would make you a decent speculation organizer as well as a supersaver to your own particular self and to your family on occasion of crises.

You should change your outpourings i.e., speculations according to your inflows and influence a save to meet vulnerabilities' and additionally to have an agreeable life amid retirement on the off chance that you are an individual and to have long haul sustenance on the off chance that you are a corporate element.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Financing Your Investments - Creative Ideas

For a long time, the best approach to fund land was to make a 20% up front installment, and get an advance for the staying 80%. Obviously you could make a higher initial installment, however 20% was ordinarily the base. Fortunately, this standard has changed. There are presently a few back choices accessible to the land speculator, including dealer financing.

Another mainstream approach to back your buy is to have a moment contract. The purchaser makes a 5% initial installment, and gets the staying 15%, as a rule at a higher financing cost, on an alternate advance.

Despite the fact that it's decent to contribute less on a property, the higher loan fee isn't the

just downside. Generally, if the purchaser does not meet the 20% least, they are required to get expensive private home loan protection (PMI).

For imaginative speculators, other financing sources exist. Makers of homes in arranged advancements are regularly ready to give financing to early purchasers.

Another hazardous and to some degree convoluted method for financing a property is called 'sub2', which remains for 'subject-to'. This kind of arrangement is the point at which the merchant gives you the deed to the property, the advance remains set up, however the purchaser never legitimately assumes control over the credit, only the installments. There are various forms of this sort of exchange. Due to the unpredictability and hazard, this strategy for financing an

speculation is not suggested for fledglings.

You can likewise consider shaping a restricted association (LP) to fund your land speculation. There are a wide range of courses of action for this technique. A few sorts include every individual in the association contributing in a bit of the cost,

generally half each. In any case, some of the time the benefit is dispersed in respect to the first sum contributed. Another game plan is that one portion of the association contributes the capital, and the other half gives the required administrations, for example, repairs on a home that should be settled. There are a wide range of varieties of

this technique.

Government credits are accessible to low salary speculators, or purchasers who have served in the military. These projects are normally accessible for main living places.

Did you ever consider purchasing a home on a charge card? This is another strategy for financing your land buy, despite the fact that it's normally not suggested. Clearly, the financing costs on most charge cards are significantly higher than advance rates. Another downside is that banks decide your reliability in light of your exceptional obligation, and in the event that you utilize Mastercard loans to cover the 5-20% initial installment that you require, you'll most likely get turned down for an advance.

Have you considered requesting that the dealer turned into your loan specialist? This technique has many advantages, for the most part greater adaptability in the structure and terms of the credit and in the FICO scores acknowledged. There are organizations who are in the matter of purchasing these private advances at a markdown.

Writer Bio: Phyllis Espinoza is an author for Note Buyers: Note Buyers has been working with financial specialists for a long time, managing them through the way toward making the Note, and afterward buying it for money soon after. Adaptable payout plans are accessible, and notes are acquired on different sorts of properties, across the country.
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Top Tricks For Stress Free Investing In Share market

Contributing is characteristically straightforward we buy cuts of organizations in the prospect that their gross and benefits would keep to development and the offer rates would track.But how might we stay away from the annihilation, fretfulness and stress that contributing likewise hopes to bring? Here are only a couple of thoughts.

1. Stop checking

How routinely do you take a gander at your portfolio? On the off chance that it's much else other than once-a-day, you are demonstrating conduct like a merchant instead of quite a while speculator.

Clearly, never checking the soundness of your portfolio can be also as loathsome. In what manner may you know whether you are on progress to meet your money related objectives or required rate of return in the event that you never check how things are going? There is an answer. Essentially set up esteem alerts for when an offer development or drops by, say, 5 Percent. Thusly, you won't be restlessly stuck to your PC screen. The London Stock Exchange site offers such an office.

It's moreover worth tolerating that you have emphatically no impact over what happens in share markets, only your demeanor towards hazard. In the event that you are losing rest over how your ventures are performing, it worth inquisitive in the matter of whether your benefit designation truly reflects your hazard profile.

2. Be sensible

With respect to execution, it pays to keep wants sensible. This can apply as much to ourselves as the associations we select to put resources into.

Contributing legend Peter Lynch once asked a social affair from well off retirees living in a dazzling territory whether they had made sense of how to hit the market. Their reaction? They couldn't give it a second thought. Most were quite recently chipper to experience their sundown years in supreme solace..

Lynch's point here is one we would all be able to subscribe to. Do whatever it takes not to have a go at standing out yourself from a particular benchmark or quibbling over the odd rate point. Seeing that you are obtaining solid associations, you should be alright.

3.Be adequately enhanced

As much as we had like every venture we make to come extraordinary, the reality of the situation is that an extent would either fight or be gotten a long time before they have had a chance to make us rich. Knowing this underlines the importance of being sufficiently broadened. Spreading your capital around 15 or so associations working in different portions and businesses should allow you to avoid most hostile stuns.

4.Don't depend available

Unless you are dependent on your speculations for money (in which case keeping all your capital in values is not the best procedure), it is crucial not to rely upon your portfolio to bring home the bacon. While stocks tend to beat each and every different ventures over the long time, reckoning correctly what might happen to your associations all through the accompanying perhaps two or three years is loaded with difficulties and stipulations.

Given this, it is normally great to stay away from the offer market on the off chance that you speculate that you will require access to your riches inside the following 5 years.

4. Make an effort not to ignore trackers

On account of their capacity to research and buy stocks in organizations dismissed by most reserve directors, private dealers are truly at a calculable reward.

All things considered, if seeking out reasonable speculations influences you to sweat, there's constantly the alternative of completing the market restore a list tracker or exchange traded finance. Not solely would you get moment enhancement (see above), you will also dodge all the vast and most likely silly expenses requested by master financial specialists for possibly more horrendous execution.
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